Sangita interviewed Feb 2016 on series:

Healing the World Through Music – With Cheri Gross



Lisa Sangita Moskow – Healing Sarod Music is what can best describe her mesmerizing instrumental performances.  Sangita’s sarod playing is soothing and inspiring in a meditative way, that creates a fluid connection with the subconscious mind. This beautiful flowing style of music, is typical of many types of Indian classical music.  We jump right into a conversation here and continue the discussion with you.

Sangita shared with me that the spiritual nature of classical North Indian music forms a foundation for her songs which cover themes of nature, mythic characters from many cultures, and stories from her travels. Her work in New Thought churches has given rise to more specifically spiritual themes.

Her main instrument, the sarod, has 25 strings which are mostly for resonance.  There are 4 playing strings, 15 sympathetic strings, 4 jawari strings tuned to the main notes of the raga, and 2 rhythm strings on top.  One healing aspect of this arrangement is that the overtones are based on the natural overtone series.  (In contrast, “Western“ music is tempered—the notes are spaced to accommodate chordal modulation.)

There is a purity of sound that comes from notes being supported by natural overtones in classical North Indian music.  The use of a drone tonic in this music also has a healing effect—since all the notes are played next to the drone sound, the preciseness of pitch becomes more obvious–which contributes to focus, and that focus is a kind of deep meditation.

Sangita’s musical career reflects a personal global consciousness and delight in the wonderful variety of artistic expression we have available to us in today’s world.